I’m a 24 years old medical student who put on almost 30 kgs without even noticing. One day my clothes just doesn’t fit anymore and I keep adding on more pounds on myself. Being such a book lover, I’ve been searching for the best way to lose weight and stick to it. From Jillian Michaels to some vegetarian kick start diet, I’ve read them all. One thing I was missing is the support!

Early this year in January, I joined a support group on Facebook for working out. I didn’t lose a single pound but I shed 10 freaking inches off me!! I was beyond excited and decided to go for more complex workout series like Turbo Jam, and BBL only to fail to stick through. I realized the importance of a support group and I intended to experience that again.

So here I am, blogging about my journey. Just to keep being responsible to myself. So that when I decide to give up – which I hope I won’t, I will be able to pull through.



Nurul Atiqah Dahalan.


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